How to Spend a Weekend in Las Vegas

It doesn’t matter whether you are going solo, with your family, your lover or your friends, when you’re going to vegas this weekend we can guarantee that you’re going to have a good time. In fact, no, scratch that, you are going to have an awesome time! Las Vegas is a city that’s full of energy and life. You’ll never run out of things to do in Vegas. If you have never been to Vegas before, trust us, one weekend is not enough. Nonetheless, if it’s the only free time you have then better make the most of it. We recommend that you plan your weekend well ahead so you can maximize your stay. Here’s how to enjoy your Las Vegas weekend.

The Mirage Volcano

The Strip alone is enough to entertain you. You’ll get to see throngs of posh hotels each uniquely designed, the sidewalks swarmed with costume-clad performers, the beautiful sound of the bustling and energetic city and the diverse mix of tourists are definitely going to keep your eyes busy but if you really want to get a real feel of Las Vegas head on to the Mirage and see their amazing pyrotechnics every Fridays and Saturdays at 9PM. Clear your schedule on these days. If you’re in Vegas on a Sunday their show starts at exactly 7PM. At the entrance of the Mirage you’ll see swarms of people waiting for the performance to start. Water cannons and fireballs shoot up in the air while drums and percussions are heard from the background. It’s a must-see when you’re in Vegas.

Bellagio Fountain

Another epic sight is the Bellagio Fountains where you’ll get to see cannons shoot water up in the air and dance to the beat of the music. Every tourist in Las Vegas has to see this! The fountains are in a man-made lake fronting the Bellagio hotel. A company called Wet designed this spectacular water show. At present, there are over a thousand fountains shooting water for nearly 500 feet above ground. It truly is a sight to behold. In fact, we suggest you get there on time so you can find a good spot to take photos and videos. If you get there a bit late you might not get a good view because both locals and tourists keep coming back to see the dancing waters unless you checked in at The Cosmopolitan and got their balcony suite. On weekdays the fountain display comes up between 3 in the afternoon and 8 at night and they play every 15 minutes. The water display gets played more frequently during the weekends.

The Venetian Canals

If you’ve always wanted to ride the gondolas in Italy you don’t really have to fly there because Las Vegas has its own Venetian canals. Ride in gondolas and paddle along the artificial canals while Italian songs serenade you. Trust us, you’ll feel like you’ve just been transported to Italy. Everything is exactly the same and they were able to build the exact waterways of Venice.

172 Live Music

Do you love music? If you’re looking for fine food and good music head on to 172 Live Music where there’s fusion of music and food. Dine and enjoy fresh sushi or if you’re in the mood for some succulent back ribs they also have it. You’ll get to listen to amazing music while satiate yourself with delectable food. They also serve beer, wine and cocktails. It’s a place designed for food aficionados and music lovers who just want to have a good time.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set out on an epic weekend trip to Las Vegas! And oh, don’t forget to take pictures!